“Our wedding day was magical and thank you for being an important part of that day. You are truly a miracle worker and for someone who thought she had no rhythm, you gave me confidence to get out on the dance floor! Thank you for that.”
– Stephanie & Aaron

“Just took our first private lessons with Janet. It was a blast! She was very accommodating with scheduling classes and working around our schedules. She was patient, informative, encouraging and extremely professional! We enjoyed our time, had many conversations and laughs and learned so much! Thanks Janet!”
– Trish & Loron

“Janet we absolutely killed it [our wedding dance], all thanks to you!!! It was seriously the best dance without a flaw! We can’t even describe how thankful we are for you.”
– Karri & Haik

“My daughter and I needed to prepare for our father/daughter wedding dance and we reached out to Janet. After a few private lessons we were dancing to the same step and spinning with ease. For a lady (my daughter) who doesn’t dance and selected the song “I don’t dance” for our solo during her wedding, several folks commented on how good we looked. Some even asked if we choreographed dancing for the occasion. Thanks Janet for making us look so good.”
– Mark

“I have been attending Janet’s ballroom classes on and off for years. When Julian and I got engaged, one of my musts were to have a choreographed first dance and I knew exactly who I wanted to help me achieve this. Janet and our lessons have been everything we dreamed of. She was (is) flexible, knowledgeable, patient and had a GREAT sense of humor. She made us feel like family friends which helped negate any potential embarrassment from making mistakes. I am forever grateful for her going above and beyond to make sure our important day was perfect. No matter your level of experience or combination of experiences, she will make you walk out of a class wanting to take on those DWTS judges!”
– Trisha & Julian

“[We] had a lot of fun in your class and cannot wait for more.
Thank you again for building our confidence to dance at our wedding. We’ll send a lot of photos your way soon!
See you in the next class!”
– Carmen & Kam

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Valentine’s Day Dance Class. My husband and I have been meaning to take dance classes for the longest time, so last night was very special for us. We’ve had a rough couple of months between illness and a death in the family. Dance is an incredible release and means of healing and creative expression. I am actually trying to put myself out there as a singer, songwriter, composer. Living a life of creativity is what I aim for.
I read through your website and I think there are a lot of awesome dance opportunities for us throughout March and April. We had such an awesome time being silly, free, creative, and in love.”
– Ariel Gazaryan

“Your energy and the fun you bring to dancing helped us remember why we started dancing in the first place. Great job on creating a positive atmosphere.
We look forward to our next class with you.”
– Regina B.

“You were a huge help and if/when we need more dance lessons, you will be our go to!”
– Glenn & Toby

“Your attitude and personal touch along with encouragement and engagement made coming to class so enjoyable. And your infectious laugh. Janet seriously may God bless you and your dance ‘ministry’ You are anointed to reach and teach the love of dancing!”
– Heidi & Andrew

“Janet was such a pleasure to work with! By working with her for just a few lessons, both the father of the bride and I (mother of groom), plus the bride and groom had dance routines for that “first dance” that we felt totally comfortable with. Janet is an excellent teacher, making everyone feel comfortable with her great sense of humor.  Professional, accommodating, on time, and good at what she does! I would highly recommend her (in fact I have already referred her to another friend).”
– Susan (Mother of the Groom)

“Janet is one of the finest dance instructors you can possibly get. Speaking as a man with two left feet and absolutely no rhythm, she somehow found a way to make me look like a superstar for my wedding day. Also, she is one of the sweetest, most caring people you could ever meet. Her patience and compassion helped me through difficulties I had with certain steps and routines, and her “never give up” mentality was infectious, causing me to not back down either, and soon enough, my wife and I had a brilliant routine that couldn’t be beat. Janet and Dance Ten really are the best dance teaching foundation you can find, and earned every bit of a five star rating.”
– Chris & Courtney Michaelsen

“Janet came highly recommended to us by our wedding coordinator. My husband was a little hesitant at first because it was a 2-hour drive for us each way and he had never taken dance lessons before. Now that our wedding is over he says it was totally worth it as our dance was one of the best highlights of the evening!
For anyone looking for a great dance instructor who will choreograph a beautiful dance for your occasion, we highly recommend Janet as she exceeded all of our expectations! Not only is she a fantastic teacher and incredibly patient, but she is also so enjoyable to be around. She always had us laughing and made dancing fun…even for my husband who began to look forward to going to our dance lessons! She was so good at keeping me calm in the weeks leading up to the wedding. It was such a pleasure to work with her.”
– Jen & Elliott

“Janet is honestly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. On top of that she’s an AMAZING teacher.
We had four left feet before we started and by the end of it we felt awesome going into our (swing) dance at the wedding.
If you’re nervous, or just looking to have a fun, I’d HIGHLY recommended some classes.
We’re even thinking about taking a few group since we had so much fun. It was a great way to spend time together, focusing on just ourselves.”
– Christina & Dave

“Please don’t just sway side to side for an entire first dance. With only a few lessons Janet Snyder will make you look like you’re on “Dancing With The Stars”. Or at least she’ll make you feel that way. I know first hand because she gave my wife and I about 4 lessons in our living room and our first dance was awesome. She is really patient, fun and will put you at ease. We originally were going to do the sway side to side dance but 2 weeks before the wedding knew we wanted to do something special. Hiring Janet was one decision we didn’t regret! Thank you Janet!
I also have experienced Dance Ten’s work as a fellow vendor.  I’m a professional videographer and have filmed hundreds of first dances.  I love shooting weddings when the bride and groom had dance lessons with Dance Ten.  The first dances are so much better than the typical side to side going in circles boring dance.  When the couples take lessons it gives that special added magic to the day.  The wedding guest always go wild when they see  the bride and groom do something special.” 
– Shawn & Mandy Tanowitz

“Janet was awesome! My husband thought that he had two left feet, but we felt that we were on Dancing with the Stars by the time we were done with our three lessons. We had no ballroom dancing experience as a couple but learned EVERYTHING during the month before our wedding. We are so glad that we took lessons from Janet to create great memories for our wedding!!”
– Tammy & Doug

“Janet!!! It was so amazing! We got so many comments saying that we looked like pros and that the 1st dance was one of their favorite parts of the day. We are sooooooo happy that we were able to work with you, it really made our wedding that much more amazing! Honestly, our dance lessons were worth every penny and way more!! Thank you so much, it truly was an honor working with you!”
– Elizabeth & Alex Dragos

“Hi Janet, I enjoyed your East Coast Swing dance class lessons. Patrick & I came in knowing nothing and ended up swinging and twirling around the floor. Remarkable for just 7 lessons. We learned so many different moves. Thanks so much. Patrick is thinking about taking the class again. I’m very pleasantly surprised.”
– Joanne & Patrick

Dear Janet,
We would like to thank you for connecting us with Erin. Had we known how much this patient and experienced dance instructor could teach us in only one hour, we would have sought her out much sooner! Thanks to her encouraging method of teaching, we have signed up for group lessons to keep us moving forward between private lessons. We love, love, love her!”
– Michael & Peggy Sue

“Dancing and laughing with you and our people had been one of the best things I’ve done. Being a dancer has made me happier and a better painter. I also know where to go when I need to laugh.”
– Mary-Gail King

“If you want to learn how to ballroom dance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, then Dance Ten is the place for you! My husband and I have been taking Janet’s Friday evening class for the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We had no previous ballroom dance experience of any kind and Janet made us feel welcome and comfortable. We always look forward to our Friday evening class!”
– Kristin Guske

“Our son was about to be married and my wife wanted to take dance lessons so we didn’t look lame on the dance floor. She dragged me kicking and pouting to dance lessons with Janet Snyder at Dance Ten in Camarillo. Janet took all the pressure and angst out of learning how to dance and made it fun. We have been going to dance lessons Friday night at the Camarillo Yoga Center for over six years now. We have made lifelong friends and look forward to Friday night date night and dancing all week long. Guys, do not delay, trust me on this, you will make your partner very happy.”
– Andy Barton

“We are amazed with how far we’ve come in just three lessons with Janet. We called her less than two weeks before our wedding and she managed to turn an uncoordinated first dance session into a lively full blown routine with a smashing entrance, finale, and lots of twirls and spins in between. It’s also good that you can’t get lazy and bail, because she shows up right at your doorstep. She is a talented and patient teacher who made this a really fun and easy experience for us.”
– Su & Winston

“Janet was inviting, energetic and very talented in her Salsa moves. We all had fun learning some new salsa moves and she had a fun charisma about her. I thoroughly enjoyed our lesson and hope to use them in the future. Thanks Janet for a fun lesson”
– Jennifer

“Deep gratitude to Janet who graced a room full of energetic women during our vacation at a beach house in Ventura. She easily led us through Salsa steps and turns. Her teaching is clear and articulate showcasing her sense of energy and patience while learning new moves.”
– Laurel

“The dance instructor, Janet, provided us with the basic moves for salsa. Outgoing, friendly and funny personality allowed the group to relax and get into the groove with salsa. Lots of fun. Thanks.”
– Chantel

“Janet is the best dance teacher around. She is very patient and knows all the moves. I had never danced Salsa before and with only a few lessons I was dancing like a pro! Thank you Janet you made our first dance a huge success!!!”
– Josh & Arlene

“Janet is an excellent dance instructor and wonderful to work with! She is professional, knowledgeable and personable. Janet listened to our ideas of what we wanted for our first dance and came up with a great routine. My fiancé and I had six dance lessons with Janet and I believe our first dance at the wedding will a memorable experience for our guests. Thank you Janet!”
– Karina & Randy

“We wanted to make an impression for our first dance. We had our song picked out, but were clueless as to execution of a routine. In 4 easy lessons Janet instructed us in proper technique and put together a fun and hot dance. At the end of our dance 3 friends held up “10” signs! Thanks for making our wedding even more special.”
– Paul & Rande Davis

“Hi Janet, I wanted to get a note off to you to let you know how we all did….The wedding was amazing, beautiful, and quite the fairy tale event….Dip’s, twirl’s, stepping right on time…. WE LOOKED GOOD OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!! I can’t tell you how good it felt (and feels) to know how to put a few simple step’s together and not only look good on the dance floor, as well as feel confident instead of the blind leading the blind. We could not have done it without your help. So, Thanks for what you do. – Big Hugs”
– DeeDee

“The wedding was perfect! Everything went smoothly. Our first dance went well!”
– Jill & Steve

“Janet thanks again for all of your help. Rob and I had a great time with our lessons.”
– Sharil & Rob

“Yesterday’s $5 dance day was a blast! (I was wiped when I got home — soooo worth every minute though) I enjoyed Waltz, Salsa (that was a bit of a ‘kick b_ _ _” class!), Swing, Rumba, and Foxtrot. Eager to be at the Friday dances to practice…Fun way to meet new people. I know yesterday was a lot of work, and I share great appreciation for all you do. Thank you”
– Cynthia